Sunday, June 3, 2012

At little stars.

I love this time of year, when we are getting ready for the 4th of July and everyone gets out the red, white and blue!  Last year I made a wooden flag, you can see that here.  The year before it was my banner, which I still use. This year I wanted to make something different, so to pinterest I went.  Found a lot of ideas for yummy snacks, but nothing that caught my fancy.  So, off to our new Hobby Lobby I went.  I have been wanting a Hobby Lobby here in CA for such a long time.  Soooo jealous of you all that have always had one.

So here is what I came up with.  I already had this tin star, sorry I had already given it it's first coat of white when I took the pic.
 I found this cool frame at Hobby Lobby, I think it is recycled wood, you could totally make one if you had wood lying around, I didn't, so a sale was at hand.  I then used red/cream gingham ribbon for my red and white and stapled it across the frame.
Isn't it a cool frame.  I love the weathered wood.

So then I used star stickers, it is so hard to find just plain star stickers!, 50 of them to make my 50 stars on my big star!  Then sprayed it navy.
These are just plain rewards stickers we all got as kids on our papers or music, at least I did!

After letting it dry overnight, I gently peeled off the star stickers and voila I have a 50 star, star!

Then DH helped me attach to the frame and I hung it outside!  Love it!

I hung it on the garage window as you walk up to the porch.  I have it hanging with the scotch velcro stuff, I can never remember the name.  Here is a pic of my banner too, I outlined the letters in white this year, as they were getting a bit faded.

There is even a hummer friend there for you to see!  Now I just need to get the bunting out for the garage and my 48 star flag and we will be ready!

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Karen said...

I would have never thought about using those stickers. Very clever. I like all things 4th of July. Thanks for sharing!