Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 to College!

So DD is graduating this year and heading off to college.  She applied at five of the Cal State schools here in CA.  Here first choice sent her an acceptance email on Christmas Eve!  She was so excited.  DS is leaving too!  After 4 years at the JC, he finally decided what to major in and God willing he will pass all 6 of his classes this semester and he will be heading up north, to the furthest State campus!  Empty nesters and we didn't even plan it this way!

Well DD has been looking at bedding for her new adventure.  They have XL twins on college campuses and she is in a double bed now, she is not happy about that.  Being a bargain hunter like me she was starting to look now so we could start gathering up her supplies.  So off to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday.  I really didn't think we would find anything, was I wrong.  Everything is on clearance!  Here is what we found! It included the comforter, sheet set, sham, throw, towels, a hamper and wall dots.  It was regularly $80 but we got it for $20!  Now we can start looking for accessories in these colors when they go on sale!  We also found a shower curtain for $5!  We figured if her roommate comes with one too, they can switch them out on occasion!  For $5...
DS has a Woolrich quilt I got him at Target last year.  He hasn't used it here but I am sure he will in the north country!

Anyone have any suggestions of things needed for college!  This isn't something I planned.  Kids born 4 years apart one is supposed to be done when the other one starts right?

Have a good day!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love my Chickens!

Before Christmas I found this picture at HomeGoods.  Loved the silhouettes of the chickens but the frame not so much.  It was only $3.50 cause the thingys on the back to hold it in were missing.  Easy Fix.

So I remembered I had some of the beadboard like wallpaper I had gotten at Lowes when it went on clearance.
Perfect!  I cut the paper to fit and pasted it on, using tacky glue when needed!
Then I spray painted it red with paint I already had from another project!! It is a  little bright in this pic.

After a few coats and a good drying I wiped on some gel stain in walnut. Which I always have on hand! Lurve it!
Here it is hanging over my stove, there was nothing here before.  I used extra strength velcro to fasten it to the slate.  Worked great. 
Here is another pic.  The only cost was the cost of the picture, I already had the paper, paint and stain.

Oh and I just used the staple gun to shoot staples on the edge of the back to hold in the pic.

Easy Peasy!



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Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally got the mirror done!

Back in August I bought this mirror at a garage sale for $2!  Yes I said $2
I was going to give it to DD as she was redoing her room in a Parisian theme!  But she didn't want it!

I love how it was made in the USA!

That alone makes me think it is old.  What do you think?

Well finally in December, I got around to painting it!  I have a small collection of black mirrors in my small, very small entry, this was my new addition.
What do you think!  Hard to get a good pic, this room doesn't get much natural light this time of year.

Here is the rest of them.
Sorry it is a little wonky.

I will have to try and get a better pic, but I think you can get the jest of it.  That is my garland on the right, our stairs are open to the living room as they turn to go up.
Another view:
Hope you all enjoy!


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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great New Year's Day.  We spent time with DD going to the antique mall and driving by the beach.  It was a beautiful day in So Cal, you all probably saw that if you watched the Rose Parade!

Have any of you hit the after Christmas Sales?  I always try to hold out till 75% off.  Went to Target the other day and got some tissue paper and a few other trinkets.  Found these awesome velvet pillows!  They have a little satin trip around the edges.  Beautiful!

They aren't even marked!  They were in the home section on an end cap.  Marked $12.99.  They were 75% off!!!  So $3.24!  They have them in the great green, a beautiful red, and this soft gold.
Here is the gold as I am showing you the tag!  See nothing to indicate it was Christmas!  If you find them at your store, you may be able to hold out to 90% off which is coming soon I am reading.

May run by my stores today, to see what is left and if it is at 90% yet.

Report back if you find any deals, K

Here is another pic.