Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally got the mirror done!

Back in August I bought this mirror at a garage sale for $2!  Yes I said $2
I was going to give it to DD as she was redoing her room in a Parisian theme!  But she didn't want it!

I love how it was made in the USA!

That alone makes me think it is old.  What do you think?

Well finally in December, I got around to painting it!  I have a small collection of black mirrors in my small, very small entry, this was my new addition.
What do you think!  Hard to get a good pic, this room doesn't get much natural light this time of year.

Here is the rest of them.
Sorry it is a little wonky.

I will have to try and get a better pic, but I think you can get the jest of it.  That is my garland on the right, our stairs are open to the living room as they turn to go up.
Another view:
Hope you all enjoy!


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1 comment:

CJ said...

Love the drama created by spraying it ebony black. Awesome save! Thanks for sharing your idea. CJ