Friday, March 22, 2013

Special Birthday

Someone special is having a birthday.  My cousin's grand daughter, I guess that makes her my 3rd cousin?  She is turning 2!  DD and I decided she needed a new quilt.  We made her one when she was born, but now that she is a big girl, she needs a new one!

Well her family are big Disney fans.  They have passes and go all the time.  So she is a huge Disney Princess fan.  So a theme was born.  Need to make a Disney Princess quilt!  Lucky for us when we went to JoAnn's all their Character Prints were 50% off!

Here are the squares all cut:
I used 8 inch squares, a 3/4 inch seam and it is 7 x 7 squares across.

Here it is all laid out:
There is a tink print, a pink princess print and a blue Cinderella print.  Then we filled in with pink and blue stars and an awesome green/glitter solid and a sweet pink and green. dot.

Again I used the tried and true stiching on the border with alternating colors:
And after snipping and washing here she is?
We found the cutest Disney Princess nightgown on clearance and a great Disney Princess 5 min story book. I think bedtime is covered!

Party is tomorrow, hope she likes it!

Have a great weekend,



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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Veggie time!

Hi all, hope you have had a great weekend and a safe and green St. Paddy's day!  Pretty low key around here.  Last weekend it was time to get the raised beds ready for veggies.  We added more soil and some compost and mixed it up a bit.  Then added our veggies.

I love fresh from the vine tomatoes, don't you?  We planted 4 plants, can't wait!
There are 3 in this bed and 1 in the next one.  Yellow Pear, Purple Cherokee, Superstar to name 3 of them!
Here I also have some swiss chard, and a zucchini!  The tall plant is my sugar snap peas that have been growing all winter.  Still producing but starting to taper off.
I also added a pot with some rosemary and basil.  Need to start cooking with them more!
Have you planted your garden yet?  What are you growing.

Here is a pic of our garden from last year!

This is when the tomatoes were real high and the squash was crazy!

Hope we get the same this year.



Sunday, March 10, 2013

Old Glory

Hi, hope you are having a great day!

As you may remember I enjoy making rag quilts, flannel ones at that.  I have always wanted to try a flag quilt.  Have you seen them?  I just never found a pattern I liked.  I have a few pinned on Pinterest, but none that I really wanted to tackle. Finally I found one easy enough for me to do. Here is a pic of the patten I found.

A patriotic raggedy quilt that looks like a rustic and ragged flag.

Didn't look too hard, now I just need to scour my stash to find all the red, white/cream and blue flannel I had.  I knew I would probably need more so off to Joann's I went.  I bought some solids and some prints.  Here is what I came up with.
This is just laid out on my bed, which I always use to lay out my quilts.  Really hard to find cream and white prints in flannel.  And I worry that the red will run.  Oh well, here it is with the rows sewn.

And from the other side:
 So after I got it all sewn up, I really like out it turned out.  
I do a decorative stitch around the edges, this time I use red thread on one side and blue on the other!
And here she is after snipping and washing!
What do you think?  I think it turned out great!  The red didn't run and I washed it twice, in cold with 2 color catchers.  I think I will make another one!  This one is going to our annual DAR Heritage Tea silent auction.

Have a great week!


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