Monday, September 27, 2010

Another cloche!

I have a good friend, that knew I love the little cloche's.  Last month when I was sick and couldn't get out to shop, she found this lovely for me!
Isn't she cute!  Well a few weeks ago, that same friend and I went out garage saleing!  She is a huge Halloween fan and throws a huge party every year!  So she is always on the lookout for 'spooktacular' things!  Well she found a carful of 'spooktacular' things and I found this:
It is heavy and looks like alabaster, but not sure.
I then remembered I had an old hobnail plate that was clear but with a milk glass rim, now where was it!

Found it!  What do you think?
Now I just have to find something cloche worthy to put in it!

Hanging out inside today, supposed to be hotter than yesterday and that was 102!  I thought it was fall?



visiting these cool parties today!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Before and After

 Edited to add:  Of all the things we have done this year, this has been the bestest!  I know that is not a word.:") DH was so proud of his efforts and we have had many gatherings of friends and family over to enjoy.  Just goes to show not to give up and to persevere!  Of course the recent rains have made my shade garden a muddy mess, but after it finally clears up, will get some more awesome plants and rain gutters!

I know I have talked about this here and here.  But since we added new plants and I am so loving the side yard, I am posting again!  We live in So Cal in a typical tract house with a very small back yard.  Most of it is a large patio and we used to have grass on the side for the kids.  But they are now 21 and 17, and we wanted an area that was useful and that we could enjoy. 

Here is a before/after side by side comparison!

This is Before, taken in March

This is After taken this morning!  Love it!

This is before                                                        

 After taken today!

We have had fun growing veggies, more squash than we know what to do with.  Unfortunately some 4 legged creatures have been eating our peppers and eggplant, so only harvested a few of those.

This is a pic of the 2 wine bottle tiki torches I made.  I love how they light up the side at night!

Here is a pic looking from the gate, which is at the front, to the back.  Love how this turned out.  The plants on the left are up against the house and get more shade, while the veggies get sun all day. 

This just proves what a little hard work can do.  DH made the raised beds and we both worked 9-5 one day to put in the paver patio.  I really thought at one point it wouldn't get in.  I love that I can now say our yard is done!

Have a great week,


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