Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little Betty Bag

Last year I joined DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution.  I really enjoy it, genealogy has always been an interest of mine.  My neighbor Chris was so helpful and supportive of me in this quest, so I wanted to make her a special Thank You gift.  

I found this darling pattern at The Mother Huddle for the Little Betty Bag.  Too cute.  I had some left over fabric from a tote bag I made last year for the DAR auction.  Very patriotic!  The bag is more of  a small evening bag, which is what I wanted.  This way she can take it to State Conference and use at the formal nights!

So here are a few pics!

This is the front flap.  I tried to center the print I also added seed beads to the print.  Nothing like making it harder!
This will be the back.
Here it is all finished.  I used a chain for the strap, and a magnetic closure.
Found these cute chain holders at JoAnn's.  You can remove the chain if you want to use as a clutch.  It is small and will hold a phone, cash and maybe a lipstick.

Here is a close up of the beading detail I added.  Hope it isn't too hooky.

Have a great weekend all.




Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So last fall I had to adjust to my DD going away to college.  She was only 60 miles away, but wanted to try the 'dorm' experience.  So we moved her in and she came home most weekends.  Well fast forward to this January where she decided it wasn't for her and moved back home!  While I am fine with this, it is an adjustment again.  She is commuting to school and says even with the drive she is fine and much more happy!  

Now DS has been fighting with severe tendonitis all summer/fall and had to resign from his job of 4 years because of it.  In late November another health issue cropped up and now that is finally getting resolved and he is (hopefully) on the mend.  We told him to work on getting healthy and everything else will fall into place.  
Again, adjustment.  

I think I have had a hard time with this because we are all taught that when your kids turn 18, it is time for them to leave the nest, or become adults and work and go to school.  As I tell DH all the time, the world is a different place than when we were their age!  Heck when I was 23 I was planning a wedding!

But I digress, I love having them home and seeing them flourish and work through life.  Their time will come and I will be happy to help them when they are ready.  

Have a great day!