Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Jewelry Case

So as you may remember I am into genealogy and joined DAR in 2012.  I really enjoy it and we have fun making rag quilts for the baby shower at our local Marine base!  Well part of that is having and wearing pins, patriotic and such.  I just had them in a drawer, but wanted something to store them in and have it easy to travel for conferences and stuff.  

I stumbled across this Jewelry Case pattern on pinterest, and voila an idea was born!

It is real easy and not hard to do at all!  You just need to gather all your supplies and you will be done in no time.  I adjusted by not adding the snap, just made it a ribbon tie.  Here are a few pics from the first one I did.

 As you can see this one is 8x13 inches.  You use 3 9 inch zippers, the vinyl is real easy to work with.
I found this awesome ribbon at Michaels on clearance, too bad there was only one!

Since then I have made a few more, making them wider to accomadate many of the lineage society ribbons. 

Here are a few pics!

It has been a lot of fun picking out the fabrics, ribbons and zipper pulls.  
Off to sew!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recycled Edith Hobo Bag

Finally I got my sewing machine back!  Only took 35 days!  Between the sciatica and now a dog with a pulled neck muscle, life has been crazy!  Finally calming down, I hope!

Anyway, I had this bag I got at Target a few years ago.  I loved that it was an over the shoulder bag and I always take it to the flea market so my hands are free.  Well I have found myself using it more and more, there is only one problem, the fabric.
Doesn't exactly go with my wardrobe!  So I thought I could make one, I mean it is just a sack shape with a strap. How hard could it be!  So I decided to recycle a pair of jeans!  I have been saving (hoarding) them for a while now.  I used a leg for the front and one for the back.
This will be the back.  I kept the hem at the top.  For the front, I cut off the pockets and used them as a pocket for my cell phone and such.
This is where I ran into problems, the little machine I was sewing on, didn't like layers of denim, so I had to wait till today to use my Bernina.  Still it took some time and a few needles!

I used a paisley print I already had on hand for the lining, then added some denim pockets for good measure.
I then used some furniture webbing I had on hand for the sides.  Love that!
So after hand cranking the machine at some points, and breaking 3 needles, I give you the Edith Hobo Bag!

I will have to road test it for a while to see if it works.  I have more jeans I can recycle, just don't know if I want to fight the machine anymore.  Love recycling!  And it didn't cost a thing!  Using stuff I already had, even better!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A little recycling.

Sorry I have been absent for so long, sciatica stinks!  Man, never felt anything like that and never want to again.  Three weeks in pain sucks.  But I am about 85% back so needed to work on a project.  I still don't have my sewing machine back from the shop, long story.  But my Mom let me have one a friend gave her.  Just a straight stiticher, but that will do.

So I have had this project pinned to Pinterest for a while.  I have been saving old jeans to make a quilt, but I want to do something now.  Here is the link: A Girl and a Glue Gun.

Sorry I really didn't take many pics, but Kimbo makes it real easy.  I just cut up a pair of old jeans, one leg will do, then cut out a pocket from another pair, it was cuter!  Then cut strips of a remnant I already had and went to work!

Sorry I didn't feel like modeling.  I think it came out OK though.  Not too bad for a first one on a machine I am not familiar with.  Here is the pocket detail:
I may just have to make another one!  Although the machine is not liking sewing through denim.  Hopefully will get mine back soon.



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden Update!

Time for a garden update.  We planted our veggies on March 17, see the post here.  We live in a So Cal tract house, so not much yard.  Three years ago we updated our side yard to include 2 raised beds, so now we can grow veggies.  See the transformation here.  Here are the latest pics:

This is looking towards the front gate.  You can see my bottle tree buried amongst the tomatoes on the left.

This is looking from the gate back, you can see the pretty colors of my swiss chard on the right.

An eggplant I added that is now surrounded by tomatoes.

Lemon Cucumber that is starting to climb, that is a solar light in the middle.

I can't believe how fast it has grown in 2 mos.  I just need the weird weather to stop.  Last week, it was in the 90's and now it is 68!  Tomatoes need sun!

Just for reference, here is a pic from 3/17 when we planted:

This is from the front looking towards the back, Crazy!

Have a great weekend.


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When it rains...

Sorry I have been missing in action, seems like when it rains, it pours.

Two weeks ago in the middle of making a quilt for DAR my sewing machine stopped feeding.  Yup the feed dog stopped doing its job.  Actually it really hadn't been up to par since the last time I got it serviced.  I had to take it back once, and I think I really didn't want to take it back again, it was around Christmas, so I just made do.  Well, come to find out there was a broken part, and since it is an old Bernina, they have to get it from Switzerland!  Hopefully it will be back next week, but in the mean time I have been looking for a second machine.

Trolling ebay and craigslist.  Lost 2 on ebay at the last minute, but it went over my budget, so oh well.

Also, DH and I started our spring walking routine about a month ago.  When DH gets home from work around 4:30 we walk.  Usually about 2 or 3 miles.  It is a great way to have time alone with your spouse, plus great exercise.  But of course this old body is objecting.  Turns out it is my sciatica (sp) and walking irritates it.  When we would get home I couldn't lift my left leg.  So I am supposed to be resting it, but since I don't have a sewing machine I am going crazy!  OY!

Good news, DD finished her second year of college!  Yeah!  It was a rough semester, but glad it is over and she did well.  Now job hunting time comes!

Just wanted to give you an update.  Hope to be back on the crafting track soon.



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Derby Day!

Do you celebrate the Kentucky Derby?  I am sure if you live in KY you do, but here in CA, not so much.
Well Saturday is our Annual DAR Spring Meeting and Pre-Derby Luncheon!  And there is a Hat Contest!  So I became a milliner for a few hours!

Last week I found this great hat at Burlington Coat Factory for 50% off!  Score.
My dress is basic black, but I have a cool pair of turquoise earrings, so guess which color I went with?
Went to Michaels yesterday and got ribbon, 50% off, feathers and a jewel, oh yeah and a few flowers!
Then went to JoAnn's and found some great netting.  So here is a few during shots.
And the cool after!  I am ready to go!
Game on!  Can't wait to see what others have come up with.  This was fun, and really only took about 1/2 hour!

Warm, windy and fires here in So Cal today.  Hope all are well, and be safe!



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A nest by the front door!

So what do you do when a dove couple decides to set up camp in a pot by your front door?  About a month ago DH noticed that a pot was starting to get twigs and sticks in it!  Sure enough a mourning dove couple were building a nest!  I was thrilled, the family, not so much!  We know at least one egg was laid, and DH said last weekend, when they were changing shifts!, he spotted a baby!

Here are a few pics:
See her in the upper pot?  That is the screen door in the background.  I have read that both the mother and father will sit on the egg and take shifts going out to feed.  The eggs take 2 weeks to incubate and then there is 2 weeks of fledglings. Then the youngsters may still stick around for 2 weeks.

Here is a sign we put up to discourage people from coming to the front porch:
That has been nice, no solicitors!  We have been using the side gate or garage.

Hope to have a pic of baby soon!  Actually we really want the porch back!  So this pot will be moved when they leave.  I read that they could use the same nest up to 5 times!  Yikes

There has been a crow hanging around, though.  I think I have enough chimes and feeders hanging where he can't get to them, but am keeping watch anyways!

Have a great day,


update:  our little friend is getting so big!  Mom is even leaving him alone!