Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 Do you have something you have been meaning to do for years, but just never got around to it?  Well this is just one of mine!
I have had this pattern for years, I mean long time like 6 or 8 years!  Yeah I am slow.
You use a mesh like screen fabric.  I found it at Lowes it is used for pet doors!  It was $13 and is 36x84".  The bag I made used a piece 18x24 plus the straps. So I can get maybe a few more out of it. 

Here are a few other options.  I just recycled some old jeans and use a remnant for the lining.

Here she is!  I loved how it turned out!  It really wasn't that hard and I knew once I did one that it would be easy to do another.  Of course using the jeans and piecing that together took a little time.  But I like it!

It has lots of pockets inside and out.  Which is great!

Now off to fill it up and figure out what fabric to use for the next one!

I will have to make a key fob to go with it, stay tuned!



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By the Bluegrass said...

Oooh, so, so, so, cute! Inspires me to get out my old patterns and give them a go!

AnneSoCal said...

That's really cute! You're talented, I could never make something like that.