Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun with Burlap!

So I have been having lots of fun making these screen satchels.  Made a black and red toile one for me.  A gift for a friend and one for my Aunt!  They both loved them.  But did I take pics, no sir I didn't.  But I did take pics of the latest one I made.  It is for a friend who is donating it to a Silent Auction at the school she works at!  Should give me a good idea of how it sells!  Here are a few pics:
I used burlap on the outside and black and white toile on the inside.  Then I made rosettes out of the burlap and toile.  Stole the technique from the Shanty Girls!  Love them!  And loved how they turned out.  Easy Peasy and I put another 3 on the other side.  Here is a pic of the inside:
Love those pockets!  I am having fun with the zipper pulls as well.  Like a little bling there!
Here is a close up:
I made a little key fob as well, a matching set!
Let me know what you think!  I have to make another one for the auction.  Going to use some blue fabric for a more beachy feel.





Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Found you from Shabby Shic cottage...I love the toile on the inside so cute!! new follower btw--connie,

laurmela said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed! I will have to take a pic of the one I just finished!

Becky said...

I love love love burlap! Such a cute idea for a purse.
I featured this on my blog today. You can check out the post here:

<3Becky said...

what a cute purse! I love the two toned colors! and the lining.
great job!

Peggy said...

I just saw this on your blog and love it. Do you sell these; if so I'd love to buy one just like the one featured here. You can reach me at Just love it! Peggy

Rose Carey said...

Wow Laura, you've been holding out on're so talented. Love your purses. Bring one next time you come to Irvine. Let me know how much they are.


Steph said...

Lovely bag, inside and out! Cute key fob too!

Judy King said...

Hi, I'm blog hopping like mad and just came across yours! Am loving the burlap bag! Very nice. I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll stop by and perhaps follow my blog!