Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Classic Banner

Inspired by Kate at Centsational Girl, I decided to come up with a simple banner for my house!  Using scraps I had around the house, old jeans, muslin and some toile, I set about to make a banner!

I cut a pattern out of cardboard and cut all the fabric out. 
I didn't finish the seams but left everything raw.
I strung it with twine and used beads in between each piece.
Then I cut stencils out using my cricut and painted away.  I love how it turned out!
 My hummingbird feeders are in the way, but you can see how nice it looks!

Now to find another simple craft to do for the 4th.  Where are my 2x4's?



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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little Update!

Back in May I posted on how we had finally finished our side yard here.  Well I thought I would give you an update on how things are growing!

As you can see things are growing great!  The top pic is from the gate looking back.  In the front there are sunflowers, we have eggplant, peppers and snap peas there.  The back bed, shown in the second pic behind my bottle tree has the squash, radishes and beans.  I love how it is turning out and am looking forward to adding more!

Here are a few pics of my tomatoes.  I love the topsy turvy planter.  We planted this about 5 weeks ago with a plant from Depot.  A small plant!
Can you see the tomatoes in the center bottom!  Can't wait to taste those.  Next is the tomatoes I planted in a pot before we built the raised beds.  First there is a Sweet Cluster, then a Black Roma.

Can't wait to see those change color!

The last pic is looking from the back towards the front.  You can see my cool bottle tree!  I found that at Collections, Etc and we put it in a pot full of rocks!  As you can see we have already started decorating it!
You can also see our wine bottle tiki torch.  Love it, and I finally found a blue bottle, just need to get it all put together.

Have a great week!



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little frosting?


After redoing the hutch we have had for 25 years I got inspiration to revamp our entertainment unit.

 Here is a pic of it.  We had it built 6 years ago after we got this monstrosity of a TV!  We had to have it custom built because of where it sits.

There used to be a wet bar here, but we removed it cause we didn't use it, and it just collected 'stuff'.!  So what ever we got had to have a back!
Yes, have you ever seen an entertainment unit at the store with a solid back?  I couldn't find one!
Here is why!  There is a little walkway to the powder room!  So we have a solid back and there are holes on the sides for the cords and inside between shelves.  But I digress!
This past weekend we got a new TV!  Isn't it cool!  
Since we were working with a fixed area we could only get a certain size!  So DH built a little shelf for it to sit on with the DVR underneath!   But then I noticed how ugly the glass doors looked with all the 'stuff' inside! 
So, I got out my cricut!  I really need to sit down an play with it more.  I bought some stencil paper for it and decided on a stencil to use in the middle.  Then sprayed with frosted spray paint!

Voila!  So much better!

And so easy to do!  I knew there was a reason I bought that cricut!

Have a great day!