Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little frosting?


After redoing the hutch we have had for 25 years I got inspiration to revamp our entertainment unit.

 Here is a pic of it.  We had it built 6 years ago after we got this monstrosity of a TV!  We had to have it custom built because of where it sits.

There used to be a wet bar here, but we removed it cause we didn't use it, and it just collected 'stuff'.!  So what ever we got had to have a back!
Yes, have you ever seen an entertainment unit at the store with a solid back?  I couldn't find one!
Here is why!  There is a little walkway to the powder room!  So we have a solid back and there are holes on the sides for the cords and inside between shelves.  But I digress!
This past weekend we got a new TV!  Isn't it cool!  
Since we were working with a fixed area we could only get a certain size!  So DH built a little shelf for it to sit on with the DVR underneath!   But then I noticed how ugly the glass doors looked with all the 'stuff' inside! 
So, I got out my cricut!  I really need to sit down an play with it more.  I bought some stencil paper for it and decided on a stencil to use in the middle.  Then sprayed with frosted spray paint!

Voila!  So much better!

And so easy to do!  I knew there was a reason I bought that cricut!

Have a great day!




The Swain's said...

I didn't even know frosted spray paint existed! What a great invention! What brand did you use? It looks very nice!

laurmela said...

It is Rustoleum, I got it at JoAnn's. It will get thicker the more coats you do!