Friday, May 28, 2010

Good day at the store!

I don't know about you, but I always try to use coupons whenever I can.  I combine them with the store deals to get the most for my money.  I figure we work hard for that dollar, it should work hard for us!  So today I ran a few errands. 
Went to Albertson's first:
got 3 cans of black eyed peas  $1.19 ea
2 sweet baby rays bbq sauce  $1.00 ea
bottle of wine ( hey it is a holiday weekend ") )
12 pk of cottonelle TP
I had these coupons - sweet baby rays $1/2, cottonelle $1 off store coupon plus a $1.50 manf coupon
Total before coupons and savings $28.28
after coupons and savings $13.10.

I recently found an old Albertsons gift card, it had a $6.85 bal, then I used a rebate card I got from staples for doing the awesome paper deal a while back. So my out of pocket was $0

Then off to Pavilions - affilate of Safeway. 
Bought a lot and used coupons and ecoupons.  Total before coupons was $90.39
after coupons and savings $34.10, I had a gift card with a $24.59 balance, then used that rebate card again, so out of pocket was $0!  Plus I got a $3 off your next order for buying 4 honest teas, and a coupon for a FREE grande frappe at starbucks, DD will love this!

Last stop was staples.  Took in 10 used cartridges for $30 credit, then had to buy a new one.  Recently found a staples gift card with a $10 balance, so the rest I used the rebate card for!  OOP $0

Love it!

Now off to clean the house for the weekend..

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