Monday, December 27, 2010


I always am so inspired by all the awesome ideas you all have!  I always love what Whitney and Sarah come up with at Shanty2chic!   I especially loved their cute photo display holders!  My mother in law is recuperating from a broken hip and I thought this would be a cute gift for her.

Here is their idea .  And here is mine.

Sorry for the fast pic, no in process ones,  I took this as we were on our way out the door on Christmas Day!

As you may have heard here in So Cal we had 5 days of rain and we got 12 inches here in South Orange County, so not condusive to spray painting!  Bummer :( 

I added a envelope to the back and printed off a few pictures so she can change them out as she wants.  I really loved how it turned out, now if we could get a few days of sunshine maybe I could make a few more!

Have a great week,



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas has arrived at my house!

Yes, finally I dug out the bins and began setting up my vignettes! 

Can you tell I like snowmen!  This is only half of the buffet!  Here is the other half.  I have always put my snowmen on the buffet, and when we had this awesome one built for us a year ago, I got more space!

Here is my mantle, my santa collection!  Again this is only half.  The bottom pic is the right side.

 Hard to get a good pic.  My husband is Norwegian so I have started a collection of rosemaling, still have a few to get.
How is your decorating coming?  We have the tree up but no decorations on that yet!

Have a great week!

southern hospitality

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Ready or Not!

I am trying, really trying.  When you have a child in Marching Band your year isn't yours until after Thanksgiving!  So.....  
I was inspired by Ali at Honey and Maple Syrup and these great ornaments!  Inspired by Ballard, and we know how awesome their stuff is. 

 We have a small gathering of friends and I was wanting something to make as a small gift.  So I took this idea and ran with it.  I bought the glass balls at Michaels and Joann's when they were Buy One Get One FREE, so $5 for 8 or .63, then I got the cream paint at Michaels for .39, since these are larger balls it lasted through about 3 or so.  Than I bought the stick on letters, all about being easy, right, these were $3.99, but have lots of letters!

 Spray painted the tops black and here is what I got!  I made one for each couple, using their last name initial.
I had these cute alphabet tiles I got last year and tied them on with twine.  Since I don't have a tree up yet, this is what you get.  Tree will probably go up this weekend.  I think I will get the little chinese food containers to package them in.  So one project down, a few more to go.  

Have a great day!