Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Lemony Goodness.

Perusing Pinterest one day, yeah like I only do it once and awhile "), I found this awesome easy peasy recipe for
Lemon Bars.  Just 2, yes I said 2 ingredients!  It sounded too easy, so I read all the comments and decided to try it for myself.  I sent DH to the store to get the 2 simple ingredients, Angel Food Cake Mix, and Lemon Pie filling.  He did well!

Sorry for the blurry pic.  Doesn't the filling in the jar seem over the top for a store brand!

Anyway, I mixed with a wooden spoon till the cake mix was all mixed in, then I spooned into a jelly roll pan and popped into a 350 degree oven.  See look
It said for 20 min, but mine only took about 17.  Took it out and let cool, then sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Secret for that, use a small wire strainer to put the powered sugar on with!  Works great!
I was going to a DAR new member tea, so took half with me and left the rest at home.  Here is what I came home to!
I guess my family liked them!  They are a little sticky to get out cleanly, but they are yummy.

Happy to say this one worked!  Thanks Jessie at Living Practically

Have a great day,


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

Hope you are having a nice day with your loved ones.  Slipped cards into the kids routines today, so as to surprise them.  DD's was actually yesterday when she went back to school.  DH got his this morning, but I have a surprise for him when he gets home!  

Found this great tutorial on Cleaverly Inspired for wedding song art.  I have seen so many on pinterest, but her's was just so easy.  We have been married 28 years this July, yes we are old, as my kids say!  But I thought this would be a nice Valentine's surprise for DH.  He picked out the song for our first dance and it was perfect.  Here is what I came up with:
Gosh we were young!  I sent it to Walgreens to print, now off to find a frame.  Better late than never.  I hope DH doesn't read the blog today!  

Have a great day!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oilcloth Anyone?

I started making these screen satchels about a year ago.  Here are a few pics:
I have made some for family, sold a few and kept a few.  For Christmas my Mom wanted me to make one for my Aunt with Papillons on it.  They are small dogs, if you weren't sure!  Well finally found fabric on Ebay and made one up, but for got to take a pic.  Hopefully one will be on its way.

Well now I have a friend that just started selling Avon and wanted a tote bag to carry all her goodies.  I had gotten a hold of a copy of the tote bag pattern to use with the screening material.  It is similar to the purse but has no zipper, and the pattern had no inside pockets.  Well I was going to add pockets and I had some oilcloth that I had gotten at a discount fabric store back in August.  A plan was forming!  Here is a pic of the fabric:
The black and white is the oilcloth and the polka dot is a vinyl covered cotton.  I used the black and white on the outside and the polka dot for the lining and pockets.  Sewing on oilcloth is an adventure!  I tried it on a few strips first and it didn't seem so bad, but when you put a few layers together, it can stick.  So here is what you do:
You put tape on the bottom of your sewing foot.  I used blue painters tape.  Made it a lot easier.  Using pins is hard as well, for one you will be able to see the pin holes and  it is just hard to get through the layers!
Well here is the finished product!  Do you like?  I think it turned out great.  Here are a few more pics:

I may have to invest in some more leather needles, though, that is how I did the side seams.  This may be a great application for a diaper bag as well.  I need to find some more oil cloth, like that!

Have a great week,