Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy April!

Happy April to you all, hope you are having a great start to Spring!  Finally we have some sun here, no more rain!  I have been crazy busy making screen satchels!  I was planning on selling these on Etsy, but the word of mouth orders are coming fast and furious, so not quite yet!  Burlap is the most popular, who knew!

Here are a few shots of some of the others I have made:

This is the other one I made for the auction.  It has been real popular as well.  Need to find more Cross Pendants though.
This is a small toile bag.  They are a little smaller than the medium size, which is what they others are.  I think they are great thought, and using some fancy fabric could be cute for an evening bag!

This one is a large size.  I used a denim remnant for this one, lining it with a polka dot fabric and adding the burlap rosettes.
Here is the rest of that denim on a med size with pink accents. 

These are such fun and I try not to make any 2 exactly alike!  It is fun to come up with new color combinations and find cute remnant fabric for the lining.  Funny thing is I was having trouble finding zippers!  Joanns was always out.  So I ordered online and found a code for free shipping!  Now if they would just get here!

Well off to sew, have a great day!



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