Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Recycling.

So a few months ago my brother in law was cleaning out his garage.  We happened to stop by that day and came home with a few treasures!  This cool aluminum bowl was one of them.
Don't know what it was originally used for, but I saw a hanging planter as it's new use!

So last weekend, DH and I headed to Lowes to get the supplies.  Basically just some chain and a caribener to hang it with!  Also picked up some succulents and soil.

The plants got a little smooshed as the bag of soil fell on them when walking back to car!  No comment as to who stood the soil bag upright in the cart,  cough, cough.  
Anyway, DH went to work on drilling the holes in the rim of the bowl for the chain and I patiently waited to plant the plants! 

Here is the finished product!  Love it!  The glass globe is a left over from a bamboo chime we have.  The rope around it broke, but the glass didn't! 

Can't wait to fill out a little and do it's 'thrill and spill'.  So easy to plant and maintain succulents, plus I always try to find one that blooms.  That would be the one to the left of the globe, it has a bloom coming of of it. 
The donkey tail I just cut from a plant  we already have, cut the stem at an angle and just poke into the soil.  Probably not the best or right way to do it, but it works! 

What have you recycled lately?



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