Monday, September 27, 2010

Another cloche!

I have a good friend, that knew I love the little cloche's.  Last month when I was sick and couldn't get out to shop, she found this lovely for me!
Isn't she cute!  Well a few weeks ago, that same friend and I went out garage saleing!  She is a huge Halloween fan and throws a huge party every year!  So she is always on the lookout for 'spooktacular' things!  Well she found a carful of 'spooktacular' things and I found this:
It is heavy and looks like alabaster, but not sure.
I then remembered I had an old hobnail plate that was clear but with a milk glass rim, now where was it!

Found it!  What do you think?
Now I just have to find something cloche worthy to put in it!

Hanging out inside today, supposed to be hotter than yesterday and that was 102!  I thought it was fall?



visiting these cool parties today!


Johnna said...

Beautiful! Looks like it worked out perfectly for you!

Maureen said...

Oh I love it! It's so different with the wide base and etched (??) dome. Very nice.