Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great New Year's Day.  We spent time with DD going to the antique mall and driving by the beach.  It was a beautiful day in So Cal, you all probably saw that if you watched the Rose Parade!

Have any of you hit the after Christmas Sales?  I always try to hold out till 75% off.  Went to Target the other day and got some tissue paper and a few other trinkets.  Found these awesome velvet pillows!  They have a little satin trip around the edges.  Beautiful!

They aren't even marked!  They were in the home section on an end cap.  Marked $12.99.  They were 75% off!!!  So $3.24!  They have them in the great green, a beautiful red, and this soft gold.
Here is the gold as I am showing you the tag!  See nothing to indicate it was Christmas!  If you find them at your store, you may be able to hold out to 90% off which is coming soon I am reading.

May run by my stores today, to see what is left and if it is at 90% yet.

Report back if you find any deals, K

Here is another pic.



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