Thursday, May 31, 2012

Southern Hospitality

We had a great time in Atlanta visiting with family and seeing the sites.  On Monday we decided to go into Atlanta and visit World of Coke, but before that I wanted to help my brother with a little project.  Recently he had a heart procedure and unlike me, he didn't inherit my Dad's green thumb.  So I wanted to help him 'refresh' a little area next to his drive way.  Here is a few before pics:
There was a lot of debris and fallen branches, so we first worked on clearing out the debris and weeds, raked up the old much and leaves.  After that I was going to plant a few hosta's and coleus, but we discovered there was just too many roots.  So we got one hosta planted in the ground and the other one went into a pot.  I planted the coleus in pots as well and we put them under and around the tree for color.
Here is a pic of the after before the new mulch was put down.
So much better.  I also recycled some clay pots for some red, white and blue (purple) flowers for the porch.  He needed some color up there.
Sorry for the bad pics, but I was covered with dirt and ready for a shower!  It did inspire my nieces, though.  They said they would help keep it up and even wanted to go plant more.  I told them I wanted pics!

As for the World of Coke, very interesting.  Really enjoyed the memorabilia and the tasting room.  What is up with Beverly from Italy.  Awful.

My niece loved her quilt!  Now off to finish the second one!

Have a great week.


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