Monday, May 21, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Since DH has been working a lot of hours lately, I have been working in the garden, weeding, planting and redesigning.  I enjoy it, I know it is not for everyone, but I enjoy working in the dirt!  Here are a few pics from my garden I took yesterday.
This is a clematis grown on my front porch.  It has started climbing the fishing line I strung from the post to the wrought iron trellis.  Don't know the name bought it a Lowes from the 50% off rack a few years ago.  When it opens all the way it has frilly petals in the middle.

This crate I got at HD last month full of tall snapdragons.  When they petered out, I relined the box and filled with pinks and purples.  Love the picasso petunia in the from and the hummingbirds like the salvia in the middle!

Yesterday I went to Walmart and found some great plants for my urns, I wanted red, white and blue, for the upcoming holidays.  Love how they turned out.  The dephiniums are a perfect blue and this was has red petunias and an euphorium.  Here is pic of both the urns.

The one on the left has the delphinium, white lobelia and a red trailing plant, cant remember the name.  Now on to the back!
Here is the view from the gate looking towards the back.  My veggies are on the right, the tomatoes are going crazy as is the zucchini.  Can't wait for them to produce fruit.  I have little tomatoes and a few squash blossoms, so soon I hope!
Here is my donkey tail, or is it burro tail?  I planted this in the same pot as some gerber daisies and they both seem to do fine.  This area does need a little attention, the planter behind needs to be weeded and cleaned out, but waiting for another day!

Hope you had a great weekend.  Oh and just to show you, here is the rag quilt for niece #1 all done!

We are leaving on Saturday for Atlanta, her graduation is on the 29th.  Hope she likes it!
You can read about the process here and here.  Now on to the next one!  Her graduation is June 5th.

Have a great day!


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