Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hope you are all having a great 1st day of May!  Thanks for all the kind comments on my new chandelier!  I love how it turned out and am glad you think the same! 

Do you have big plans this month?  Getting ready for Summer Vacation, ready for school to be out?
Well now that my kiddo's are in college, can I still call them kiddo's?, I am not so into school being out, although I know they are looking forward to it later this month.  DH has decided no summer vacation this year, we will just do a fall fishing trip like last year, maybe longer!

So DD and DM (dear Mom), and I are flying to Atlanta the end of May for my nieces graduation.  Sad to say my brother has lived there over 20 years and we have never been!  It is over Memorial Day weekend, so probably not a lot of spare time, with family gatherings and such, but I do look forward to having at least maybe one free afternoon.  Any ideas on what to do?  Suggestions recommended!

I also have another niece graduating the first part of June and a neighbor graduating the middle of June.  So I have 3 graduation rag quilts to get made!  I have all the flannel for the first one, but still looking for the right fabrics for the others.  Seems that when you are looking for something is when you can't find it!

Hope you all have a great day!  Here are a few shots from my garden, although not today, another dreary, misty California day?


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