Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little secret

Do you have a list of things you want to do in your home, but think they aren't really necessary?  I do.  Even DH doesn't know my wishlist, well my true wish list.  We live in a 1980's tract house.  We are the original owners, so it has evolved as we have!  When we moved in there was just 2 of us.  Now it is us, albeit a bit older "), and 2 young adults!  Yikes!
But along the way we have put our stamp on the house, by adding moldings, paint and character!

But as to be expected, there are a few things I wish I could still do.  I told DH I wanted to finally fix up the master bedroom this year.  While we have painted in there and added moldings and a new floor, the furniture is 28 years old and heavy and broken!  The ceiling has never been painted!  I know, shock.  and since we have a peak in the roof in there I would like to add a faux beam!  Add that to the list. 

Twelve years ago Septemeber our master shower began leaking into the kitchen downstairs!  Always when I was taking a shower!  Go figure ")  Turns out the builder put the tile on drywall!  No green board or any water barrier!  Anyway, we had to get that fixed, but we tried to use materials that we would love along the way.  And while it is fine...I really would love to redo the floor in the shower.  Is that even possible?  I know they hot mopped the floor, and the tile on the walls is floated, so not sure if it would be a total pain and lots of bucks to do.  Back then I knew nothing about design and such, and they cut some of the tiles wonky and they just bug me now!  Not to mention that they totally messed up the curb, to where it was sucking water out of the shower and rotting the door frame!  While that has been fixed, I would really like a new floor, possibly the pebble floors?  and a new shower door.  I hate cleaning that thing and it never stays clean.  Oh and since we put the tile to the ceiling when we had it re tiled, we now need a fan, never had one in there.  No overhead lights in any of the rooms.  DH shaves in the shower so there is a lot of moisture, and even with the window opened wide...

Ok I am off my wish list for now, but I do have a whole pinterest page dedicated to it!  A few of the wish pics are below!

What is on your wish list?  Is it something you are able to do, or need to save a bit to get er done. 



Master BedroomLove it!  Wish I had brick walls.

love the wallsThis is Miss Mustard Seed's room.  Love the wall treatment.

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