Monday, November 14, 2011

Patience is a virtue!

When we moved in to our house 23 almost 24 years ago, one of the first projects we did was the front yard landscaping.  Back then the association would give you $800, if you had it done within 90 days of your move in.  So we would come home after work and rake rocks, lay brick and plant plants.  We got it done, but some of the bricks were a little wonky and after almost 24 years DH had had enough! 
Here is a before shot:
This is before we had the house painted and new windows installed.  But you can see the brick planter and the steps.  I talked about the history a little here.  I thought it was fine, sort of rustic, but when we had 3 sprinklers break, that was the last straw!  So, we had a handyman that our neighbor recommended do the work.  And I must say, DH was right, it looks so much better!  Here is a few after shots.

We added a low brick retaining wall to level out the yard!  I never realized just how much it sloped.  New sprinklers were added and I had them put a small planing bed along the wall seperating our properties!  As you can see my small friends are enjoying it!
My Mom got me this feeder for my birthday, she knows me well!  Here an Allen's hummingbird gets a drink.

We have gotten so many compliments on the yard.  I need to get a few more plants for the side bed and redo some of the plants in the main planter.  I am trying to add as many native CA plants and plants for the hummingbirds as well.  It is fun to sit on the porch and watch them!

I know the grass and plants are loving the rain we got this weekend too!
Have a great week!



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Anonymous said...

That brick work is amazing and everything you've done must be really special because the hummingbirds seem to really like eating out in your yard! Great job and I know you're enjoying it a lot.