Thursday, July 5, 2012

Small Side Yard

Back in 2010, we redid our side yard.  It was and still is one of my favorite redos.  You can read about it here.  Every year I redo the raised beds and add or subtract from the shade garden, but it has pretty much stayed the same.  This year I planted 4 tomato plants, zuccini, swiss chard, lemon cucumbers, and beans.  Here are a few pics:
This is looking towards the front of the house.  There are 3 tomato plants first, then a zuccini and yellow pear tomato.  They get so tall.  That is a bottle tree in the middle.
This is one of the large tomatoes on the heriloom kellogg breakfast tomato.  It is even larger since I took this.  Wish we would get more sun so it would ripen.

This is called chocolate cherry, I was able to harvest some of these this week.  They are so yummy, and cut up with the yellow pear and a little pepper and salt, to die for!
Yellow pears waiting to ripen.  Ripen, ripen, ripen!!!

This is the lemon cucumber climbing the tomato!  I have never tried them before, but that is all they had, so why not?
This is looking toward the back.  You can see how big the tomato plants are.  We got a new fire pit this year and added the wicker chairs for seating.  You can barely see them though!

Here is a beautiful zuccini blossom.  I went out yesterday to pick one that I had seen the day before and found 3!  Luckily I have a neighbor who loves them, so I just set it on the fence and he will come and get it!  One zuccini plant, and my kids don't like it!  Oy, great sliced, seasoned and cooked on the bbq!

Hope you like my garden.  Have a great rest of the week.  Middle of the week holidays are weird!



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Cocalores said...

It's great to see what you have done with your patch of green - I have a rather small lot myself and am in the process of turning it around. With all those vegetable plants, your garden (and post) give me lots of inspiration!