Saturday, July 28, 2012

Antique Glass


Back in 2009 we had our friend build us an awesome buffet to go with our new dining room set.  I had never had a buffet/hutch before, so he asked me what I wanted, then drew up the amazing plans.  I found the granite at a local yard and got it for a steal.  Here is how it looked when we first installed it.  We decided that it was a 25th anniversary present for both of us!

We added rain glass to the hutch part.  I have some of my grandmother's Jewel Tea set, plus pieces I have added,  up there.  I also have some special glass ware.

We put the wine rack in the middle both doors on either side have pull outs for easy accessability.

Here is the full view.  Love how he matched our new dining set.  The granite is rainforest green.  There are lights in the hutch, under the hutch, and in the wine rack.
(Sorry for the bad light, need to get some current pics of this!)

Back then I wanted to put an antique glass as a backsplash, like, on the back of the hutch.  But it was too expensive.  I still want that look!  I think it would be amazing with the light reflecting from above!

Well, have you seen the new Krylon Looking Glass paint!  You can turn ordinary glass to look like a mirror!  Plus you can antique it with black spray paint!  BINGO!!!

I can't wait to try it.  First I need to find it.  Here are a few examples of some great work out there on the blogsphere!

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Of course Roeshel at DIY Showoff did an amazing version.  Love!


An Amanda over at Burlap and Denim used it on an old door!  I want one, please.

Finished Mirrored Glass in Door

So now I just need to find the paint and get some glass!  Here lies the dilema.  Do I get one big sheet of glass, or a few smaller ones?  And how do I attach it? 

Wouldn't something like this be awesome?  Of course I would have to find one that exactly matched.  But I totally love this look.


Suggestions welcome.  Now I just need to run this by DH!  Today is our 28th anniversary, so maybe he will be more open to the idea!  ")

Have a great weekend all! 


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