Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Maggie - Pinterest Challenge

Meet Maggie!  She is our 12 year old daschund who rules the roost!  We all love her to death and she is spoiled rotten!
Here she is helping me quilt!  The ceiling fan was on overhead and she was catching a breeze!
She love to catch a few rays in the backyard.  Boy does she look gray!

When she was a puppy, DH put her on our bed just once, but the deed was done, she sleeps with us, always has!  It is her bed, so she thinks!  Probelm is her short little legs!  Can't quite make it to the bed.  So, enter the 28 year old footstool!
This is from our original living room set.  It included a couch, loveseat and chair.  They are all gone now, thanks to Maggie and her penchant for chewing cushions.  Probably had something to do with them being old and having had food spilled on them by small children! 

I have been wanting to slipcover this bad boy for quite a while, but was, well, afraid!  I can sew, just never done anything like this before.

So enter the wonderful ladies of the Pinterest Challenge!  Sherry, Katie, Kate, and Michelle.

I love me a good Pinterest session.  Just me and my ipad pinning away.  But these ladies are challenging us to get off our pins, so to speak and get producing!  So no more excuses, just do it!

I had pinned these cute drop cloth covered footstools for inspiration.
one, two and three.  Mine would be somewhere in the middle.

First I went to Lowes and bought the dropcloth, 6'x9' for about $11.  Forgot to take pic before, sorry.  Then I washed it, didn't bleach, just washed.  Here it is on the footstool with my jute trim.
I had been looking for some of the jute trim, but in black not red which you can usually find anywhere.  We were in Escondido last year and went to a little fabric shop, bought the whole roll!  Forget the price but was very afforable.  Anyway...

Made a band of the jute to go around the circumference of the footstool.
Then attached the top that I had cut to fit.

Yeah, it fit! 

Now for the bottom, I wanted to utilize the hem of the drop cloth so I wouldn't have to hem!  So cut 2 strips of what was left and sewed together.  Then on to pinning.  I wanted to put a simple pleat in each corner.  So I just winged it.  Just started pinning and matching up my corners.
Now I didn't expect this to be perfect.  Remember it sits on the side of our bed, actually my side, and no one sees it but me and the dog.  And DH if he happens onto that side of the bed.  So...

Just being real here, this pleat didn't quite make the corner.  No biggee.
This one did!  Still looks great.  Not to bad for my first recovering job.  Now to give it a little personality.  I added some stripes.

And here is the finished project! 

So much better than before.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  It has been Maggie tested and approved.  I still have about 1/3 of the dropcloth left, that was my only cost, so totally worth it.

Thanks ladies for pushing me to the edge to get'er done!  Don't forget to check out the 'pushy' ladies blogs from the above links.  You will love them! 



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Tamsyn said...

Oh, such a sweet idea. I have a little dog who likes to get into my bed too. My husband hates it, so Cooper (my dog) always sneaks onto my side once my husband is asleep :)

Brandi said...

Such a sweet pup. I hope she's enjoying her new bed.