Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A nest by the front door!

So what do you do when a dove couple decides to set up camp in a pot by your front door?  About a month ago DH noticed that a pot was starting to get twigs and sticks in it!  Sure enough a mourning dove couple were building a nest!  I was thrilled, the family, not so much!  We know at least one egg was laid, and DH said last weekend, when they were changing shifts!, he spotted a baby!

Here are a few pics:
See her in the upper pot?  That is the screen door in the background.  I have read that both the mother and father will sit on the egg and take shifts going out to feed.  The eggs take 2 weeks to incubate and then there is 2 weeks of fledglings. Then the youngsters may still stick around for 2 weeks.

Here is a sign we put up to discourage people from coming to the front porch:
That has been nice, no solicitors!  We have been using the side gate or garage.

Hope to have a pic of baby soon!  Actually we really want the porch back!  So this pot will be moved when they leave.  I read that they could use the same nest up to 5 times!  Yikes

There has been a crow hanging around, though.  I think I have enough chimes and feeders hanging where he can't get to them, but am keeping watch anyways!

Have a great day,


update:  our little friend is getting so big!  Mom is even leaving him alone!

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