Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hope you and yours had an awesome Christmas and a festive New Years!  Welcome to 2012!
I have been cleaning, organizing and trying to do something productive everyday!  My arms are sore!  Last week I tackled the tool cabinet in the garage, photos forthcoming.  That was a 3 day project!  This week I am tackling the office/craft room.  After Christmas it looks like a bomb went off!  I call it Santa's workshop and close the doors during the holiday, but now it needs work!
Today's plan is to move everything away from the closet and tackle all the stuff in there that hasn't been seen in years!  Then I will have more room to put stuff that I do use, instead of on the floor! Hope to have pics up soon on my new and improved office/craft room!

Happy organizing!

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