Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simple Easy Jewelry Board

Oy, it has been quite a week!  DD leaves on Saturday, actually we take her south 60 miles and unpack her stuff in the University Village Apartments!  There are no dorms here, but a full 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment with a full kitchen!   There are 4 girls sharing this unit, 2 in each room.  It is not just clothes and bath stuff, but kitchen stuff as well.  My living room looks like a storage bin!
Yesterday I was helping her pack, the girl has waaayyy too many clothes! And we figured out she needed some way to store/display her long necklaces, like we did here.  Since no nails or hooks are allowed, only 3M Command hooks, needed to find something easy and cheap!

She got this wonderful quilt as a graduation gift from a neighbor.  It is just beautiful, she does such amazing work. Of course DD wanted fabric for her jewelry board to match the quilt.  Yeah right, I thought!  But I did luck out and find a fabric at Joann's that matched!  So here is what I did.
I bought a bulletin board at Joann's, on sale for $5.24,  just your regular cork board with a wood frame.  Then I bought the fabric with a 50% off coupon and some upholstery tacks, they are longer than your regular thumb tack.
Got out the staple gun and hammer and this is what we have.

Sorry for the bad lighting.  This is just leaning up against her bed now, I will take a pic when we install it in her room.  She can adjust the tacks as needed they are easy to remove and put back in. 

I borrowed the idea from hello beauty blog.  Just need to figure out something to attach to the bottom for rings and earrings and such.  Maybe a little tin of some sort...

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