Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My creative space!

When we redid the house 3 years ago, the office/sewing room wasn't really in the plans.  But when DH went away fishing for the weekend, I went to the consignment store and found an awesome desk/hutch combo.  It just needed a little paint and toile!    I talked about it here.  That was great for the desk portion, but I really wanted a large sewing table that I could spread out on.  I searched and searched and either they were too small or too expensive.  Enter IKEA!  Can you hear the angels sing! 

We bought a 96" laminate counter and used sawhorse legs for the base!  It is awesome, I skirted it so there is lots of storage underneath.

I am always working on a few projects so this is a clean as it gets!  To the left of the counter is my old file cabinet that I painted and decopaged, then we still had space to fill.  Our awesome contractor made me a cool counter that covers the file cabinet as well.  With shelves above to hold all my supplies I am in craft heaven.

I skirted that with a piece of burlap and used hem tape to iron on ribbon trim.  Sorry for the bad pic.  He angled the far edge by the closet so I can still access it.  I have storage bins on wheels under there for easy access.  The other side is my cutting table which is our old buffet.  That will have to be another post, as I have been cutting flannel and it is a mess! 



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Shan said...

Thank you for joining Roomspiration: Craft Rooms. So glad you have a place to create! Isn't it a blessing?! :D Have a super weekend!