Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of my first post from 2008, was talking about a desk I purchased at the consignment shop.
We were in the process of redoing my office/craft room, and I wanted a new desk/hutch combo.
I found this one on a weekend when DH was away fishing, teach him to leave me alone!
But I forgot, it was solid oak, and how would I get it home, and upstairs after I refinished it!  Details, Details!

Here is a before pic or two:

The door on the right has been removed.

I took all the hardware off and took the whole thing apart!

The wood handles would go and the door on the hutch would have the centers cut out and metal pieces put in.

Here is the top.  I painted it a dark brown, I believe it is called thistle.  My contractor took the rest of the desk and hutch and sprayed it a soft ivory.  We added beadboard to parts of the hutch as well.

Here it is almost finished.  The beadboard is in the center of the hutch and on the back behind the monitor.


 Here she is all finished!
I added cork tiles to the center back then covered with a toile remnant.  I love how it turned out.  I got glass knobs from Restoration Hardware for the hutch and cup pulls from Lowes for the desk.  

Here is a close up of the beadboard and toile!  

I really love how it turned out, just wish it would stay that clean!  Oh well and messy desk is a used desk right?  I need to clean it big time!

Have a great day, and remember to try and recycle!



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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This is just beautiful! I am in a big believer in checking with Craiglist and Freecycle. I am currently working on two chairs I found for a song.

Treasia Stepp said...

Love the transformation.

Kammy said...

That is just beautiful ! It doesn't look anything like before - job well done !

Anita said...

What a beautiful job you did transforming this desk! Well done.

carolyn said...

It doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture. Great job!

Amanda said...

What an amazing transformation! You definitely did a great job! Love it!

Patti said... had great vision for this piece and it came out fabulous - kudos!

Emily @ Frilly Details said...

That is GORGEOUS!!! You did an amazing job :) I love the color and the extra details you added. Great job!