Sunday, January 10, 2010

From old to new!

We live in So Cal, in a typical tract house. Have for going on 22 years now.

It came with wonderful wood fencing, that as you know over time weathers!

Here is a pic of our back fence, 22 years old.

Recently we had to have our side fence replaced as it was rotted and ready to fall down.
I don't know what the builders were thinking. Our neighbors lot is 12 inches below ours and they set the post in his yard and then backfilled from ours! Sure way to rot a fence post!

Anyway, I love my new fence!

We set it on landscape blocks so the post would not rot again! Still need to add gravel!

Anyway the old fence was looking quite sad, so DH said we could clean off the yuck and then seal when we seal the new fence. I didn't know that could be done! But done it is.

We used this awesome product we found at Lowe's, Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner. Awesome stuff. I have been told that bleach works the same, and it does smell like bleach, but when we tried the bleach solution nothing.

So this was it! And it works instantly!

As you can see, this is as DH is spraying it on. On the left is the old looking fence on the right is the new looking fence! Amazing!

Here is another pic. I am so excited as now the fence doesn't look so old and gray. Once we seal it, which is already purchased and waiting to go, they will all look the same.

Here is a pic of the other side yard fence DH did earlier today! See how great it looks. You just have to spray the cleaner on, wait 5-10 min then clean off with a good shot of water , and you have a new fence!

So happy to show you all my new/old fence!

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