Monday, June 6, 2011

Bee in my Bonnet!

Ever have one of those, a bee in your bonnet!  I just couldn't take the closet under the stairs anymore!
As I have said before we have a small tract house in So Cal.  There are only 3 doors downstairs, it is an open concept house.  The door on the left is the closet, under the stairs.  The door in the center left goes to the garage, and the door on the right is the powder room, I have talked about it here.  Please forgive the mess in the foreground, I was still cleaning up from the redo!
It is the closet that is giving me fits.  Here it is before.  It is the only closet downstairs so it houses the vaccum, wrapping paper and gift bags, coats, backpacks, TV trays and a few holiday items.  A lot for a little closet.  But for 23 years it has only had one small shelf, yeah not so much loving that.

So I decided to put in some shelves, DH wanted to know why today, but I said just help me cut and I will do the rest!  So he cut the boards and I measured and nailed them in, love the nail gun!
 Painted it the same color as the kitchen, Not sure the color but it is Ralph Lauren paint and we did the kitchen 6 years ago!  Painted the shelves white and then went to HomeGoods and found some cute baskets and bins for all my goodies!

Love how everything is organized, now I just have to put up the hooks for the coats and backpacks!

I can see the floor! I know it still has a lot in it, but it is organized and I know where everything is.  Now I just have to get some cute labels!  

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Linda said...

Oh, my goodness. This is just was I needed to inspire me to clean out my hall closet which happens to be my craft closet, too, well, some of my craft stuff is in there. Some of my craft stuff is all over the house. Anyway, I do have this one closet that needs attention, let's say, and YOU have inspired me. Thanks, Linda