Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well it has happened, my baby has graduated!  Last night amongst 5000 people and 800 plus graduates, yes it was crazy! 
There's my girl!  I am not going to cry!  Actually I didn't, but when I see this pic I do well up!

Here is a pic from the evening, at the end when you think the kids are going to sing the Alma Mater, they break out in a flash mob!  It was awesome.

Four years ago this was the pic I took, DS was graduating High School and DD was graduating 8th grade.

I took it between graduations.  Hers was in the morning, and his was in the evening.  Last night I took this pic, before her graduation, 4 years later.
She is off to university in the fall and he is still plugging away at his future.  I am so proud!
OK, now I am going to cry.

Have a great day.


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