Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pallets Up!

Ever since I saw this awesome pallet garden at  Life on the Balcony I wanted to make one.

Well Pallets here in So Cal are hard to come by.  DD and I went driving around on Friday and found zilch.  I get that everyone recycles them, I just wanted one!  So DH decided we could build our own out of left over fence posts and boards.  I think they were left over from our raised beds.  So here you go, the process and pics.

DH laying out the boards.  We spaces them a little wider, which meant we had to make little pouches under each tier with the landscape fabric to hold in the soil.

Here it is wrapped with the landscape fabric.  Since we used old fence post and redwood fence boards the sucker was heavy!

Here it is put in place next to the gate that leads to the back.  I filled with flowers, which hopefully when they fill out will look better as they grow down and all over.  In the summer I may put in some strawberries!

All watered and ready to grow!  The ladder is one I got at a garage sale, it has plants hanging from it and a fern growing at its feet.

Love how it turned out.  Still want to find pallets, have you see the awesome pallet sofa, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors made.  It is awesome!

There is just so much to be done with a pallet.  Now to find some!

Have a great week,


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


C Scarbrough said...

Such a fun idea! I saw this on Tip Junkie. Thanks for sharing.


penpen said...

I LOVE IT! It is so cute! Great idea!!!!!!

Jana said...

This is the 2nd pallet idea I've seen today. Must be becoming popular. Who would have thought. I love what you did. Strawberries would look awesome too.
We have some old pallets, I might need to look into what I could do with them.

Jill said...

Very cool!

Rachel Sue said...

This is so awesome! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

KinzyKate's lil' Stitches said...

I have been fascinated by pallet wall art for some time now and decided to google it! I was just over at life on the balcony and fell in love...I found your link and wanted to see what you came up with. me being a home owner too was amazed at how cool a pallet garden against a fence could look. Thanks for the inspiration...mmmm strawberries now that's a great idea! Have a great day!

Nature Nurturer said...

love it! cant wait to give it a try. but did you lay it down horizontally and then fill it up or did u do all your planting in the vertical position?


laurmela said...

We planted it all laying down except for the top. That was easier to plant once we had it hung. But since then I have removed the flowers on the second row and planted strawberries. We shall see how that goes!

Laura V-Pagan said...

Hi! I love this idea! Especially since non-chemically treated pallets are pretty hard to come by around here. I was wondering, what do mean by "making little pouches"? Did you place cloth as a false floor in each of the "shelves", apart from wrapping it around the back and sides of the pallet? Also, what type of cloth is this? Shading cloth or that weed cloth they sell at Walmart to keep weeds from sprouting? said...

For those who might be wondering where to look for pallets, you might try your local newspaper, and also look on Craigslist. (That's how I found our our local paper was offering free pallets.)