Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry, we were in the Sierra's for a week for some much needed R & R!  Love going there and going fishing!
This year we took my mom.  She had never been and since my Dad had heart issues they could never come when we came.  She loved it and now is a bonified fisherwoman!

Here she is with her catch!  She caught her limit plus one!  SSHH, don't tell anyone!

This is Silver Lake, our most favorite spot in the Sierra's!  LURVE it!

We had a great time fishing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  The only down side was the mosquitoes!  Awful, never seen them that bad.  DD just was eaten alive!  We had bug spray too! But they got through her shirt, her back was covered with bites!

Here are a few pics from our week.  Hope you enjoy!


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