Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you are all having a great day with family and friends!

This holiday always reminds me of my grandfather, Andrew M. Strang.  He fought in World War I and his he was born July 3, 1898.  When ever I put out our antique 48 star flag it reminds me of him.  He so loved the flag.

Here is a pic of a little craft I put together just yesterday.  Yeah I know I am late to the party.

I bought some wood letters at JoAnn's and decided to do a collage of scrapbook papers with modge podge.  Gotta love the stuff.
I did the U in red, the S in white and the A in blue.  It was a lot of fun all be it messy!  DH helped me to hang it and I love how it turned out!  Here is a pic of our house this year.
I loved how it turned out.  With the 48 star flag, the banner and USA.  We are one of the 1st houses you see as you drive into the tract, so it is nice to represent well.

Hope you had a great holiday.



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C'est Magnifique said...

Very nice, it looks so homey and comfy! I'd love to come sit on the porch and have a drink with you!



Just beautiful and what a great history about your grandfather.