Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinking Outside the box!

Last July when we went to Alaska for our 25th anniversary, we went on a Princess cruise!  Actully this was our 4th time as DH's Dad had taken the whole family 3 times!  In 2003,2004 and 2005!  Yes we are blessed.
Anyway, if you have been on a cruise you know they give you lots of little coupons for little trinkets in port.  Basically they are to get you in the store and then have you buy something else!  Well last year one of the free gifts was these set of watercolor reproductions.

They were 16x20, but I didn't want the writing on the bottom.

So the dilema became how to get these framed out without spending much money!  DH didn't want to pay to have them matted, so I was befuddled!  Well, enter my wonderful friends in blogville!  
Yesterday it rained all day, so we decided to go to Aaron Bros to see what we could find.  We found these great frames that match our dining room table and they were 40% off!  Now to figure out how to mat them.

Then a light bulb went off!  Burlap!  I have been buying remnants when I see them and I had just enough to do all three prints!  I just covered the cardboard that came with the frame with the burlap, using spray adhesive.
I then trimmed the print, removing the writing on the bottom and the white on the sides.  
Here is Juneau ready to be added.

And here is the finished product!

Two of them are in the dining room and Juneau is over the piano in the living room.  We really had no wall space to put them all together and since the rooms are open it works!  I love that we finally got them framed and now we can enjoy them.  All for just the cost of the frames.


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Liz said...

These are beautiful. You did a great job!


Dawn said...

Now thats a great solution and they look like a million bucks on the wall! The texture of the burlap really appeals to me, and especially matches your photo subject. Did you just lay the prints on top of the burlap? Hmm, I wonder if I could cut the print with such a straight line as you did?!?! Very nice indeed!

Treasia Stepp said...

Wonderful job on them. I must invest in some burlap very soon.

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laurmela said...

Thanks all! I used my rotary cutter and board I use for cutting fabric with. That way I got a straight line!