Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden Update!

Time for a garden update.  We planted our veggies on March 17, see the post here.  We live in a So Cal tract house, so not much yard.  Three years ago we updated our side yard to include 2 raised beds, so now we can grow veggies.  See the transformation here.  Here are the latest pics:

This is looking towards the front gate.  You can see my bottle tree buried amongst the tomatoes on the left.

This is looking from the gate back, you can see the pretty colors of my swiss chard on the right.

An eggplant I added that is now surrounded by tomatoes.

Lemon Cucumber that is starting to climb, that is a solar light in the middle.

I can't believe how fast it has grown in 2 mos.  I just need the weird weather to stop.  Last week, it was in the 90's and now it is 68!  Tomatoes need sun!

Just for reference, here is a pic from 3/17 when we planted:

This is from the front looking towards the back, Crazy!

Have a great weekend.


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