Friday, July 22, 2011

DD going off to College, Oh My!

Do you have a child, or I guess I should say young adult, going off to college?  It is overwhelming, right?

Between housing (ouch) and tuition, that is enough to push you over, but since you have no control over those costs, nothing to do.  But then you add in all the little extra's, bedding, kitchen supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, food... and the list goes on and on!

Oy, I just may need a drink, as Martina McBride would say ")

Back in January I posted about how DD had already shopped and found her bedding.  Check it out Here

That was great to find.  And in November we had scored the $3 mixer, toaster and sandwich maker at Target's after Thanksgiving sale.  ( never again at 4 am!)

Now it was on to dishes, cups, toiletries, storage and the list goes on!  Just recently Target had their summer clearance on their cool summer items.  Melamine plates and glasses would be great for a dorm I figured and if you could get them at 50% off even better.  I usually am looking for the plates to add to my melamine plate collection to use for BBQ's.  Sale started when we were on vacation, but we were able to get some plates and cups along with hangers and food storage that was on sale that week.

I have a few bins in the garage that are storing this stuff until she moves in the end of August.  Still waiting to find out her roommates, so they can divy up the big items.  Don't need 4 tv;s or 4 brooms, etc.  So now I am trying to stock up on her fav toiletries.  Watching sales and using coupons really helps.  Plus watching the sales on school supplies as well.  And now Borders with there close out sale.  OY!

Anyone have great tips for stocking up on all the things for college life???

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