Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well I did it! Saturday morning I began the process of cleaning out the office. Oy, first I had to move out the old dresser, it is now in the hall. Then trying to catagorize stuff and put stuff into piles. Geesh where did I get this stuff! I think I will have a FREE sale next week. I really don't want to bother with the dickering on prices I just want to get rid of it!

Saturday evening I began painting, the same color as before, just needed another coat. Got about 1/2 of the room done. Moved one storage unit out of the closet and put another in, geesh that is hard to do on carpet. My back is feeling it tonight.

Oh yeah, I went to the consignment store to look for a desk, as the unit I wanted was over $1000 for everything! Found an oak desk and hutch for $150! I will have to sand it and paint it, but I think it will work. Just need to figure out a sewing table now!



Friday, October 3, 2008

Stuff! Do you have lots of stuff! I am overwhelmed with stuff!

Papers, trinkets, something your mother gave you and you just can't throw away!

I am really trying to get my office/sewing room in order, but it is so overwhelming I walk in and walk out! I think I need to buy some bins and just clear everything out. Then start fresh with new paint, furniture and then I can organize the stuff. Keep, Donate or trash!

Maybe I can get motivated enough tomorrow to start on one corner of the room. I guess that is better than nothing, right?


Thursday, October 2, 2008

A First

I love reading everyone else's blog, so I thought I'd start one of my own! I am a wife, mother, sister and daughter. I love my 2 wonderful kids and find it fun and crazy raising 2 teenagers, well one adult and a teenager. Recently we have been refreshing our home of 20 years, so that has been a fun experience! I love hummingbirds, antiques and gardening. I also consider myself a coupon queen! I figure we work hard for our dollars so why not make them work hard for us! Hope you enjoy my adventures. Toodles, Laura